Why Does My AC Freeze Up?

why does my ac freeze up orlandoAC’s are supposed to be easy to use appliances that are there any time you need to use them, but sometimes, you may encounter some issues with it such as why does my AC freeze up?

Air conditioners are a great appliance to have when it’s hot outside but they are by no means problem. They also require routine maintenance just like any other major appliance. When they don’t get that routine maintenance, they can have problems such as condenser coil freeze up. People often wonder how come a part of a household A/C unit that sits outside in the warm air can possibly freeze up? But this can and does happen to people’s air conditioners all of the time. Here are some common reasons why an AC system experiences a freeze up.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the keys to an air conditioner working is proper airflow. When your air filters are dirty, this all-important airflow is restricted. You may be wondering what this has to with question ‘why does my ac freeze up’. Here is the answer. Here are two main components to any A/C unit. They are an evaporator coil and a condenser. Refrigerant runs in a line between them. The hot air from your home passing over this line that contains refrigerant tends to warm it up a little and keep ice from forming on the outside of the line. When air is restricted because of a dirty filter the line gets colder than it should and eventually builds up ice on it.

Damaged Fan

Here is another answer to the question ‘why does my ac freeze up’. Once again, this problem has to do with an airflow restriction. If the fan on your outside blower is not working or running poorly it too will not bring enough warm air into the system to help heat up the parts that air conditioning refrigerant passes through. So much like the example above with the dirty filters, this too will cause air conditioner line freeze up.

Dirty A/C Coils

Most HVAC recommend that you have you’re A/C unit inspected and cleaned at least once a year. The reason for this is dust and other debris can build up where you don’t want it to. One of the most common places is around your air conditioning systems coils. If the coils are dirty then once again circulation warm air cannot get to the coils to coils to keep them from getting too cold. This will cause the refrigerant running through the system to super cool the coils and the natural moisture found on them will freeze up and eventually stop your air conditioner from working.

What to Do When You’re A/C System Freezes Up?

Now that you know the answer to the question ‘why does my ac freeze up’, you are probably wondering how to correct this problem. Turning your A/C system off and letting the ice melt will probably allow your air conditioner to come back on and run. The problem being, if you have not fixed the cause of the problem, then you’re A/C will simply freeze up again in a short time. So check to make sure your HVAC systems filters are clean and if they are you will have to call your local HVAC professional for help. They are the only ones that should be allowed to work on your system because they know how to unfreeze your air conditioner without harming it.

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