What Percentage of My Power Bill is My AC?

What Percentage of My Power Bill is My ACHave you ever wondered, “What percentage of my power bill is my AC?” People are always looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses. One of the places many people look to do that is by cutting their utility bills. Many people have had great success with this over the years by adjusting their thermostats a few degrees warmer so the air conditioning runs less. Do most people find this is worth it?

For some, this answer is an easy yes but for others, they might think the little bit of money they save is not worth being a little more uncomfortable. These might lead to these others asking a question such as, what percentage of my power bill is my AC? That is how they will decide whether they will continue to be a little less comfortable in the hotter months or crank up the AC more often again.

Home AC Percentages Vary

First of all, there is no one size fits all answer to this question. There is a very simple explanation for that. That’s because one home may be running 20 electric consuming items and another may only be running 10 electric consuming items.

So, it only makes sense that if each home runs their air conditioning the same amount of time that the second example with 10 electric consuming devices will have a higher contribution to the overall energy bill than the first example. You also have to consider the time of year it is. In the winter months, your AC contributes zero to your power bill and that figure goes way up once hot weather moves in.

Your AC is a High Percentage of Your Power Bill

Since getting an exact number for every residential home is practically impossible, the best that can be done here is to give you a ballpark figure. Most definitely, if you use your AC regularly, then it is one of the major factors that impact your power bill. Experts state that the further south in the country you go the higher percentage the figure is as to what your AC contributes to your electric bill.

That’s because many times in the south people will still be running their air conditioning while using the AC has already become an afterthought further up north. Just as a ballpark figure for many homes, the AC may actually be taking up to 50% portion of your electric bill.

AC Efficiency is the Key to a Moderate Power Bill

Whether or not you use the AC all the time, all you have to do is make sure your air-conditioner runs efficiently so you won’t have to worry much about getting an exact amount of what percentage of my power bills is my AC.

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