What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner?

What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner ApopkaMany homes and businesses across the country rely on centralized HVAC systems for cooling and heating requirements within a property. They are effective, functional, and efficient – of course, depending on the type of air conditioning system you have at home and how well you maintain it. What is a mini split air conditioner and why are many homeowners considering this type of AC units these days?

As the name suggests, a mini split is a small type of air conditioner that is installed individually in every room. The most common type would be ductless mini split air conditioning systems. They are affordable, easy to install, and energy efficient.

The Benefits of a Mini Split Air Conditioner

Are you considering a mini split AC for your home? Now that you already have an idea about what a mini split air conditioner is, it is time to dive into the benefits this type of AC unit offers.

Energy Efficiency, Decreased Power Bills

Perhaps the number one advantage of using a mini split air conditioner would be its energy efficiency. Since a mini split AC is installed individually in every room, you only have to turn it on when a particular room is in use. This means that you don’t have to cool your entire home when you are only using one area or room for the entire day or night.

Better Indoor Air Quality

As earlier mentioned, ductless mini splits are quite common choices for homeowners. The absence of ductwork eliminates the circulation of debris, pollen, dust, and odor throughout your house, which essentially improves the overall indoor air quality of your home.

No Need for Ductwork or Renovations

Installing a new centralized HVAC system means you’d have to install ductwork or even renovate your home. This is not necessary when it comes to ductless mini split AC’s.

Easier Maintenance and Cheaper Replacements

Mini split air conditioners are quite affordable. Since they are purchased individually, you won’t have to replace the entire HVAC system of your home to replace one mini split. Also, maintenance and repairs are easy since the technician only has to work on one unit. You won’t have to worry about gaps or damages in ductwork too if you have a ductless mini split.

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