Parts of HVAC System

Parts of HVAC System ApopkaMany people know roughly how their central heating and cooling system works but they would have trouble identifying parts of HVAC system that are critical to their performance. If you own an HVAC system this is something that you want to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with. It’s information that may just come in handy for you.


What’s one of the main reasons why it’s helpful to know the parts of your HVAC system? This can aid you in doing such things as troubleshooting your central heating and air unit before spending money on a service call. 


Major Heating Related Parts


Here are two of the main components of your central heating and air system that help heat your home:


Combustion Chamber


As the name implies, this is the part of your HVAC where your home’s heat is created. Most often this is done using oil, natural gas, or propane. All of these burn very hot and provide an excellent heat source. 


Heat Exchanger


Once the combustion chamber has done its job, then the heat exchanger takes over. This is where cool air passes through your HVAC system and the heat that was created in the combustion chamber is transferred into that air so it can be warmed and then pushed into your home. 


Important Cooling Related Parts


Your home’s central heating and air unit have cooling-related parts of HVAC system that are good to know also:


Evaporator Coil


On a hot summer day, this is probably your favorite component of your HVAC system. That’s because the complicated process where heat is removed from the air to cool it and then forced back into your home takes place in this device. 


Condenser Coil


This is the part of your HVAC system that is usually installed outside of your home. It is somewhat boxy and has a big fan at the top of it. This central cooling component’s job is to take the heat that was removed from the air that your system cooled and exhaust that warm air out of the system. 


Critical Parts Used for Both Heating and Cooling


There are some parts of HVAC system that are necessary for both heating and cooling. These are: 


Blower System


It does not do any good if you have heated or cooled air that just sits in the area of your HVAC system where it was created. This is where your central heating and air system’s blower motor comes into play. It has two critical functions. The first is to help supply the necessary air that’s required in producing cooled and heated air and the second is to circulate that heated and cooled air throughout your home. 




Of course, just having a blower system on an HVAC system is not enough. You need a network of ducts with which to bring newly heated and cooled air into a home and take air back to the heating and cooling system to start the whole process over again. This is the role that the hundreds of feet of ductwork that go under floors and in walls and ceilings play. 




This is the brain of your central heating and air system. They can be basic types that simply move the temperature setting up and down or more sophisticated devices that do such tasks as shutting off heating and cooling zones in a home that are not used to save energy and they can be programmed to come on and off at preset times. 


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