New Construction and Renovation AC Installation

New Construction AC Installation

New Construction and Renovation AC Installation


Single-family homes are unique due to the close and responsive way we serve you. We strive to educate our customers on their specific home, how they plan to live in it and any specific comfort or health concerns that need to be taken care of while laying out the plan to best serve their families comfort and lifestyle.


Many times when homes are being built, developers tend to install the cheapest system that they can all the while not even taking efficiency into consideration. When the cheapest systems are installed, they are not always the right size or fit for your house. Sometimes they end up being too big or too small, so that leaves you spending more money than needed.


One item that is commonly overlooked during the planning of a new construction project is the upgrade of your HVAC unit to provide a more comfortable living environment for your family. Most times an upgraded unit will be more cost effective as well as energy efficient.


Did you know that as a new homeowner there are several different options out there for upgrading your HVAC unit? Our team will spend the time going over the different options with you. You don’t have to be stuck with the standard until that comes with the newly constructed home. Our team will help you choose a better unit prior to your new home construction.


Trusted Orlando Contractor for New Construction and Renovation AC Installation


Our highly qualified team has the resources and the abilities to design, estimate, and install new air conditioning, indoor air quality, and dehumidification systems. From consultation to professional installation, our team is there to guide you along the way.


Our new construction projects typically focus on residential and light commercial construction. Not only do we work with you, but we also develop a working relationship with your building contractor to be certain that the air conditioning system meets the expectations and quality you desire. We go out of our way to meet with our clients at pivotal phases in construction to make sure we finish with a coordinated end product that everyone is excited about. Your comfort is our priority.


For assistance in AC installation for newly constructed or renovated homes, Eggert Cooling and Heating is here to help. We are available in Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Deltona, Longwood, and nearby areas. Talk to one of our expert team members today if you need expert advice on all things AC and heating for your residential or commercial property. Call 407-252-3785 to get a free estimate!

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