5 New AC Shopping Tips

New AC OrlandoShopping for a new AC can both be fun and challenging. Why fun? Shopping, in general, is fun, right? Why challenging? There are plenty of AC’s on the market today and it’s not that simple for you to choose just one random brand without checking out its specifications.

When shopping for a new AC for your home or office, there are several factors to consider. To help you through the process, check out these tips we have below:

1. Size absolutely matters.

There are two sizes to consider – the size of the AC and the size of the room where you will install it. The size of the actual AC is important to consider because it might be too large or too small for the existing AC installation you already have at home. The size of the room matters because it is the basis of the power you need for the new AC.

2. Explore your options first before making a decision.

Don’t be fooled by marketing schemes and attractive advertisements to force you to make a quick decision. It is best to know more about all your options before choosing the new AC for your property.

3. Consider energy efficiency features.

Especially if you use your AC frequently or daily, consider its energy efficiency features. You wouldn’t want to be shocked by a massive power bill just because you chose to get an inefficient AC.

4. Know more about the noise level of your new AC.

Most modern AC’s offer silent operation features. However, it is not always safe to assume that all new AC’s on the market operate quietly. Though this might seem like a minor concern, it is never fun to sleep at night with a loud buzzing or humming sound from your AC.

5. Learn about aftersales and warranty coverage.

You need to get an AC from a brand that offers excellent aftersales, services, and fair warranty coverage. Though an AC unit may seem promising in the beginning, you’ll never really know if you encounter a mechanical problem in the near future. These repairs can get costly. Find out what kind of service and warranty coverage you can get for your new AC.

Better yet, work with a reliable HVAC contractor to find the best new AC for your property. At Eggert Cooling and Heating, we work with top AC brands to ensure that you’re getting exceptional products and services at all time. We can help you with AC installation, maintenance, and repairs too! Our services are available in Orlando, Deltona, Winter Park, Clermont, Apopka, and surrounding communities in Central Florida. Call us to get a free estimate at 407-252-3785.