New AC Installation Service

AC Installation WindermereAir conditioning units can easily be bought online or from your preferred local store. Buyers these days are wiser – you probably researched a lot about your new AC unit options before making a purchase. Buying a new AC is the first step. The second and more important step is AC installation so you can start enjoying the relaxing comfort you can get from a working air conditioner.

Of course, these new AC’s come with instruction manuals that include guides on proper installation. If you have the tools needed to, then you can probably install an AC on your own. However, it is highly recommended for you to seek professional assistance when installing a brand-new air-conditioning unit. A small mistake can make your AC inefficient or worse, void your warranty. As you probably already know by now, AC repairs can get costly so it’s important to be aware of the warranty coverage and take extra precaution so it won’t be invalid.

Furthermore, new AC installation can be risky. Aside from the fact that it’s important to handle the AC unit carefully to prevent damages, depending on where the indoor and outdoor unit is located, the actual installation can be dangerous. Proper safety gear such as gloves and hard hats must be worn if necessary. The right tools must also be used to avoid damage to the unit and possible injury.

Shopping for and installing a new AC can be hassle and stress-free when you work with the right HVAC contractor. Eggert Cooling and Heating is here to help. Our services are available in Orlando, Windermere, Ocoee, Apopka, Clermont, and surrounding communities. Consult with an AC expert today! Call us at 407-252-3785 to schedule an appointment and to get a free quote.