Major Factors That Impact My Power Bill in Apopka, FL

Major Factors That Impact My Power Bill OrlandoMany people sigh each month when they get their electric bill. That is for good reason. An electric bill is a major expense for most people that can run several hundred dollars a month or more. What is frustrating about that is it takes electricity to run just about every convenience item in your home. That means it’s not easy to trim electric usage to help reduce your power bill but it can be done. The best way to lower your monthly electric bill is to identify the things around your home that add to it the most. You must be wondering – what are the major factors that impact my power bill? Here is a list of the major contributors to your monthly electric bill and how to lower your Apopka power consumption each month.

Air Conditioning

You would probably faint if you ever looked at how fast your electric meter spins (or rises if it’s digital) while your air conditioning system is running. Air conditioners are definitely a luxury item based on how much it costs to run them. They are a major contributor to high electric bills during the hotter months of the year for sure. And in Florida, we experience warm months most of the year so many of us don’t really have any other choice but to turn on the AC. 

There are some things that you can do nowadays to lower your air condition system’s operating costs. It starts with keeping your filters clean and keeping the area around your air conditioners compressor free of debris that blocks the airflow to it. Spreading the cool air evenly around your home with ceiling fans can help too. You can even supplement your regular electric-based air conditioning system by adding a low-cost solar-powered air conditioner for use during the day.

Electric Heat

There is a reason that not too many homes use electricity as a means of heating anymore. It is a horribly inefficient and wasteful means of heating a house. That inefficiency causes these systems to run more often and that drives up your Apopka electric bill. This is the reason that homeowners with heating requirements need to practice strict thermostat control. That’s making sure the heat is turned down when leaving your home for a long period of time and keeping the heat at a comfortable setting when you are home. 

Once again, strategically placed ceiling fans can also distribute the heat better to make the system more efficient. Supplementing electric heat with such things as a fireplace insert with fan or with a wood-burning or gas stove will also help cut costs.

Electric Cooking Appliances

Electric cooking and water boiling items offer a lot of convenience for sure but they also consume a lot of energy when running. This is true for electric stoves, griddles, and hot water pots. You can consider the convenient replacement of these items with more efficient induction-based cooking appliances or just use them in a more energy-conscious way. For example, turn your electric griddle or stovetop off immediately after you have finished cooking with it and resist the temptation to feel you need to warm up these devices for extended periods of time before using them. 

Poor Appliance Energy Efficiency

It goes without saying that equipment that has a poor energy efficiency rating can be a big reason for high electric bills in Apopka, FL. This is somewhat perplexing to considering that as far back as 1974, electrical appliances have been required to openly display their energy efficiency rating. Yet, people and contractors still purchase appliances that have a poor energy efficiency rating. So double-check the yellow stickers on your appliances if they are still on the back of them and consider replacing those appliances with more energy-efficient ones. If you can’t find a yellow energy rating sticker to check on an appliance, then get the make and model of the appliance and call the manufacturer and ask for it. 

Also, consider more prudent use of this equipment. For example, don’t use your clothes dryer to dry just a few items; make sure you put a full load of clothes in it.

Contact the HVAC Experts in Apopka, FL

The best thing about having a go-to HVAC contractor, aside from having the expertise in maintaining and repairing all air conditioner types, is how these professionals can give you advice and recommendations. Are you already trying your best to conserve energy in your household but still end up with a massive energy bill? If so, then consult with the HVAC contractor about the major factors that impact your power bill and if there are any improvements they can help you out with. 

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