How to Unclog My AC Drain Line

How to Unclog My AC Drain Line OrlandoIf you have a central air conditioning system at home, you probably think of it as your best friend when the hot humid weather arrives. So it is also important for you to know how to unclog my AC drain line to ensure that it will be functional all the time and whenever you need it. It certainly is very convenient to have an ACbecause once you turn it on your home will cool down very quickly. If you are like most people, you may not even remember what life without air conditioning was like. 

Air conditioning is truly one of those items creature comforts that most people find it hard to live without. That’s why you want to keep your air conditioning system well-maintained at all times. That includes keeping its drain line clear. Failure to do this could result in drain line water backing up into the unit and causing corrosion. 

At this point, you may be wondering what causes an air conditioning drain line to get clogged in the first place. It can be anything from small pieces of dust or dirt that get into the system or even small rodents or bugs building a nest inside it. Sometimes they get clogged when lawn debris is accidentally pushed into them also if they go along the ground.

Steps to Follow: How to Unclog My AC Drain Line

The very first step is to identify where that drain line comes out of your air conditioner unit. Most likely, the drain line will be made of a small piece of PVC pipe that is ½” to 1” in diameter. It’s important to note here that the smaller the size of your air conditioner drain line the more often you will have to make sure you clean it out. Its probably the only PVC pipe that comes out of your outside AC unit so it should not be hard to spot. If your air conditioner is running, you may see small drips coming from the end of it.

Seeing small drips coming from the end of your AC drain line is actually a good thing because it means it’s not completely clogged. But just to be sure, run wire like that from a piece of coat hanger or a small toothbrush up inside the AC drainpipe to make sure it is debris free. 

In the rare case where you have a total blockage, you will have to remove the shroud from around your outdoor AC unit. Once again locate the drain line where it comes out of your AC system’s condenser unit. You need to turn off the system and remove the drain line in order to get a big clog out of it. Most of the time this is done simply by unscrewing the fitting that will be glued to one end of the drain line. Once again, using the piece of coat hanger wire or the small toothbrush in combination with spray from a hose, this should be enough to get even the toughest clogs out of your air conditioning drainpipe. If this sounds like something that is out of your league as far as repairs go, then call and ask for professional HVAC help. 

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