How to Make My AC More Efficient

Orlando AC MaintenanceThe summer months no matter where you live in the USA can be brutally hot. That’s why having an air-conditioned home is such a welcome relief. The only problem being, running a central air-conditioning system can end up costing a lot of money the next time you get your electric bill. One thing that home heating and cooling experts will tell you is that it does not have to cost a fortune to keep the AC running. So this may make you wonder how to make my AC more efficient. 

Especially if you live in Florida where it’s warm most of the year, cooling costs can get quite high. However, if you learn how to make your AC more efficient, then you wouldn’t have to spend as much.

Tips for Better AC Efficiency

To help you out, here are some tips that could help make your air-conditioning system more efficient:

1. Keep air filters clean: One of the quickest ways that an air-conditioning unit becomes less efficient is if it can’t get enough air to itself. Blocked filters are a leading cause of your air-conditioning system to have to work harder to cool the air in your home. That extra work your AC must do also costs you more money. To eliminate this problem, you simply have to keep air filters clean. Depending on your AC unit, you can even do this on your own. Also depending on how often you use your AC, air filter replacement may be necessary as well. Here’s information on how often should I change my AC filter.

How to Make My AC More Efficient Orlando

2. Install an attic fan: Warm air from your attic has ways of seeping through the interior of your home. When this happens, it makes your air conditioning unit work harder and longer to cool that extra warm air. An attic fan is an excellent way to solve this problem. Once again as your air-conditioner works harder and longer it costs you money. For even more energy savings and added comfort to your home, consider a solar-powered attic fan. 

3. Use darker shades of curtains and blinds especially on hotter days: Your attic is not the only place where warm air seeps into your home and in turn, makes your air conditioning unit less efficient. This also happens through and around windows. Curtains and blinds can act as a form of insulation to help stop this warm flow of air. On extremely sunny days, the heat and sunlight will have an easier time entering your home when the curtains you use are made of very light fabric. Darker shades can keep the heat out. By doing so, your AC wouldn’t have to work as much when cooling down your home. 

4. Have your home’s ductwork periodically checked for leaks: When your air-conditioning unit runs, it’s a constant process of warm air being removed from your home and cooler air replacing it. Over time the ductwork that this exchange of air takes place through may develop cracks or leaks. This can cause cooler air to be lost and warm air to be pulled into the ductwork. Both things will make your home harder to cool and in turn, that means your AC less efficient. Getting ductwork leaks and cracks taken care of will once again increase your air conditioner’s efficiency.

5. Clean around your outdoor condenser unit: Tall grasses, branches, leaves, and other debris may block necessary airflow to your condenser unit. This once again results in your air conditioner having to work harder to cool air and will then increase your home cooling bill. Keeping the area around your outside AC condenser unit debris free will definitely help your air conditioning system run more efficiently. 

Top AC Maintenance Contractor in Apopka, FL

All the things mentioned above are truly easier said than done. Especially when you’re struggling to balance such a busy schedule, proper AC maintenance may already skip your mind. But if you’re still wondering how to make my AC more efficient through it all, then get assistance from Apopka’s top AC maintenance contractor, Eggert Cooling and Heating! 

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