How Many Years Should My AC Last?

How Many Years Should My AC Last

There is nothing like the feel of the air conditioning hitting you as you walk inside your home on a hot summer day. But all of that constant running that your ac system does year after year starts to take a toll on it too. This often leaves one wondering how many years should my AC last. Unfortunately, that is not a question that has a one size fits all answer. There are many different factors that go into the life span of an HVAC systems air conditioning unit. Here are some of those.

System Quality

Chances are if you buy a BMW car and you take care of it, that car will last you longer than a Hyundai. The same goes for air conditioning units on HVAC systems. The higher the quality of the AC unit that you have the longer it will last you before needing to be replaced if you take care of it. At times there simply is no substitute for quality and it definitely impacts the useful life of any HVAC systems air conditioning component.  


Climate and location are huge factors when answering the question how many years should my AC last. That’s because these two conditions have the potential to cause an AC system to work for extended periods of time or be exposed to harsher weather conditions. Each of these will shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. For example; if you are located in Southern Florida your AC is most likely going to run much longer and get worn out faster than an HVAC air conditioning unit that’s located in Pennsylvania. Also, an AC system near the beach and exposed to constant salt air is going to take more abuse that an air conditioner unit that’s located further inland a majority of the time.

How Many Months A Year Your AC Sits Idle

When an AC system is used extensively it most likely will get worn out faster but a system that sits unused for long periods of time can develop problems too. This is because such conditions as corrosion start to take place when your AC system is not used in a while. Certain parts such as fan motors will also lose important lubrication when the system is sitting idle. Even nesting animals may cause damage to your AC unit by making a home in it during its unused months.

Are You Being Proactive with Air Conditioning Maintenance?

This is the absolute biggest factor when asking yourself how many years should my AC last. That’s because periodic maintenance is your air conditioning systems best friend. Especially if this includes yearly checkups and cleanings by a trained HVAC professional. They will clean and inspect your entire HVAC system air conditioning unit and make sure it is operating properly and working at peak efficiency. During the cleaning and tune-up service the HVAC tech will do such things as replace system air filters as necessary and make sure there is nothing placed or growing around the outside AC unit that restricts the all-important airflow to it. So consider getting yearly air conditioning cleaning and tune-ups to help extend the useful life of that part of your home’s HVAC system. 

AC Maintenance and Repairs in Apopka, FL

Your air conditioning system is only as good as how well you maintain it. When it needs repair, call a licensed contractor instead of opting for an inexperienced handyman or a DIY method. No matter how excellent an AC brand is, without proper maintenance and repairs, your AC can only last for a few years. 

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