How Long Does an AC Last in Central Florida?

how long does an AC last in Central FloridaHow long does an AC last in Central Florida? Some would say a few years while others have enjoyed a functional air-conditioner for over a decade.

The weather in Florida can be quite unpredictable. The state has a humid subtropical climate and it gets to experience mostly sunny weather with occasional heavy rains. But since we are already seeing the effects of climate change, it is not unusual for Florida to experience sudden or unexpected rain and storms. 

During the summer, your air conditioning system makes a very good job in keeping the overall temperature of your home pleasant. During rainy seasons, however, you can’t help but think if your AC unit is still secured. With the ever-changing weather, it is impossible not to wonder if your AC unit can withstand certain weather conditions. The short answer to this is yes, modern AC systems can definitely handle both heat and rain, If things get too much, however, there might be an effect on its longevity.

So how long does an AC system last in places like Central Florida? The answer will depend on how well-maintained your unit is. In general, the average life span of an AC is 10 to 15 years. Other factors still play a huge part in the overall lifespan of your AC. 

Factors That Affect Your AC Lifespan

The lifespan of your air-conditioning system depends on many different factors. It is not just about how old your unit is.

  1. The size of your unit. The size of your AC should fit the size of the room it should be in. A small unit placed in a big space will have to run longer to do the cooling. This may cause overheating and eventually damaging the unit. 
  1. The maintenance. Your AC system should be checked once every year by professionals. The filters should be changed, the drain line should be clear, and all the other parts should be intact. 
  1. The usage. If your unit is running day and night especially during the hot months, it tends to affect its average life span. This is essentially true for an average unit. For the newly launched smart air conditioning system, running the unit all day is possible because it will automatically switch off when it is able to reach the desired temperature in a room.

How the Weather Can Affect Your AC System

How long does an AC last in Central Florida considering the usual weather or climate in the area? During summer when the weather is humid, your AC system must work harder to keep an ideal temperature inside your home. It does not only make your room cool but it also works to lower down the humidity level by removing the moisture in the air. This can cause a decrease in the energy-efficiency and a relatively shorter lifespan. This can be prevented by having regular maintenance. 

During heavy rains, however, your AC system won’t experience a problem at all since its components are built to stand rainfall. It will remain intact and working unless it is submerged in flood water which rarely happens. 

In Central Florida, having your AC system frequently checked and maintained is a must for it to have a longer lifespan. 

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