How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

How Long Do HVAC Systems LastHow long do HVAC systems last? If you are fortunate enough to heat and cool your home with a central heating and air conditioning system, you have access to the most convenient way to do these two comfort tasks. With an HVAC system, you just have to set the temperature you desire and the system will maintain that exact temperature for you. That does put a lot of stress and strain on your system over time and it may make you wonder how long would your HVAC system be functional. That is not a very easy question to answer. It’s different for everyone depending on several factors. 

Below are the factors that determine the useful life of an HVAC system.

Usage of Your HVAC System

Whenever you wonder how long do HVAC systems last, he very first thing that should come to mind is how long that system runs throughout the year. The answer to this might be not so much in areas that have a moderate climate. The opposite is true in areas that have either very hot summers or very cold winters. Those systems will run much more than normal at times of the year when extreme temperatures are around. It only makes sense that the most an HVAC system runs the more wear and tear that system gets.

How Proactive a Homeowner is in Taking Care of Their HVAC System

There is not a lot a homeowner can do as far as helping to maintain their HVAC system. With this being said, homeowners still have a role to play in extending the life of their HVAC systems. This includes making sure the inside air filters are cleaned regularly or replaced. Clean air filtration puts less stress on the system. It’s also important for a homeowner to keep the area around their outside air conditioning unit clean and neatly trimmed down. That’s because once again airflow is important to maintain and any restriction of air around the outside air conditioning unit will make an HVAC system work harder to do its job. 

Amount of Professional Regular Maintenance Performed

This is the single most important step to get the most useful life out of your HVAC system. That’s to have maintenance done on it at least once a year by a trained professional. Even better yet if done twice a year; once before you use your heat in the fall and another time before the summer AC season hits. If you do this you can significantly increase the chances of your HVAC system lasting a long time. 

So How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

The determining factor in that is how long the system has to run and the regularity in which the system gets routine maintenance. Most HVAC professionals will tell you that a well-maintained HVAC system should last around 15 to 20 years before needing replacement. That figure drops dramatically you do not get what should be yearly maintenance done on your home’s HVAC setup.  

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