How Big of an Air Conditioner Do I Need?

How Big of an Air Conditioner Do I Need ApopkaHow big of an air conditioner do I need? This is probably one of the questions you have in mind right now when you’re shopping for a new AC. Unlike other appliances and items around your home that you can easily choose based on your budget or its style, there are a lot more things you have to consider when getting an air conditioner. 

AC’s come in different shapes and sizes. In the United States, central air conditioning systems are most popular as they are efficient and can keep your entire house cool. Other types of AC units include ductless or mini-split air conditioners, window units, portable AC units, and hybrid air conditioners, among others. 

How Big of an Air Conditioner Do I Need in My House? 

You have to choose the right kind of air conditioning capacity to efficiently and effectively cool down your house. Units that are too small can be useless and will just consume so much power unnecessarily. Units that are too big are simply unnecessary too and will also consume more power than needed. 

Energy Star simplifies the cooling capacity per room size in a chart that shows the area to be cooled in square feet and the capacity needed in BTUs per hour. BTU means British thermal units. To give you an idea, 100 to 150 square feet needs a 5,000 BTU/hour air conditioning unit. 2,000 to 2,500 square feet requires a 34,000 BTU/ hour air conditioning unit. 

They also recommend adjusting the AC unit capacity as needed. Energy Star says that you can reduce the capacity by 10% if a room is heavily shaded, and if it is very sunny, you have to increase the capacity by 10%. Other factors that dictate increasing the AC capacity include more than two people typically occupying a room with a recommended +600 BTUs per person. Kitchen air conditioners must be increased by 4,000 BTUs. You must also take into consideration the area where you will install your AC unit so that it distributes the airflow efficiently. 

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