Heating and Air Conditioning Wall Units

Heating and Air Conditioning Wall Units ApopkaOne of the most reliable ways to regulate the temperature in your home is to take advantage of heating and air conditioning wall units. These types of heating and cooling units are better known as ductless systems and many also refer to them as mini-split systems. That’s because they require no ductwork to install, and they are two component systems that are made up of an outside unit and the inside unit which is placed on a wall.

Why are these great to own? It’s because of all of the advantages that they offer. These are something that we are about to go over with you.

Lower Installation Costs

Since heating and air conditioning wall units do not have any ductwork, they are much easier to install than conventional central HVAC systems. The installation of them will also cost you less money because of this and the fact there are less parts to put together to get them operating. Ductless heating and cooling systems also help cut expenses when you do such things as make a finished basement, put an addition on your home, or turn part of your garage into an office.

Higher Energy Efficiency

When go to purchase a heating and air conditioning system, you will notice that all of them are rated for energy efficiency. This is what’s known as their SEER and EER ratings. The higher the number associated with these, the more energy efficient that heating and cooling equipment will be when operating. More often than not, Ductless heating and cooling units have higher SEER and EER ratings than central heating and air conditioning units do.

They Take Up Less Space Than Central Heating & Air Systems

Chances are, if you have a central heating and air system, that system will have a large outdoor unit that takes up some space in your yard and a large indoor section which occupies a large amount of space in your basement or garage. Just the opposite is true with mini-split heating and cooling systems. There inside wall units are placed up high on a wall and usually do not stick out more than around 8” and the outside components to them are small enough that they can be mounted to the side of your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

It does not matter if you have one or more heating and air conditioning wall units in your home. You still will not have any ductwork that is associated with them. That’s a good thing as far as air quality in your home goes. That’s because the ductwork that is installed in a home to make a central HVAC system work tends to be a magnet for dust, pet dander, allergens, and other unwanted airborne particles. Since your mini-split system has no associated ductwork, you don’t have to worry about extra contaminants being put in the air that you breathe.

Minimal Maintenance

By these systems not needing any, you will not have any ducts that need to be periodically cleaned. There also is no need to clean and replace air filters on a regular basis like you have to do with central heating and air. Having fewer components and mechanical parts that are necessary to run the system also greatly reduces the amount of maintenance that needs to be done on ductless heating and cooling systems.

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