Does My HVAC Company Need a License?

does my HVAC company need a licenseDoes my HVAC company need a license? This must be one of the questions that come to mind when hiring an HVAC contractor. Independent contractors such as HVAC technicians are all over the place in every city in America. Unfortunately, not all of these contractors have the requirements to be in business. The answer is definitely yes, they do need to be licensed! And if they are working for you without one, it can lead to problems for both you and them. It’s definitely something you should ask before you let your HVAC company do any more work for you. Here are the reasons why this is true.

Does your HVAC Know What They are Doing?

The state of Florida issues a professional license to HVAC company owners after they have passed a comprehensive exam. Here is some detailed information on these requirement for HVAC licensing. Passing these tests is not easy, and those who do pass have demonstrated that they have critical knowledge about HVAC. Much of this has to do with safety. 

You certainly do not want an unlicensed HVAC company working for you! They likely would not know such things as the safest way to drain and contain refrigerant that has been removed from a unit. You also don’t want that unlicensed HVAC person messing around with such things as gas and electrical connections. There are many, many considerations that only professionally trained and certified HVAC technicians will know. And to deviate from this requirement is playing with dynamite! And there are too many things to go wrong to even count.

License HVAC Company in Apopka FL

Unlicensed HVAC Professionals May Be Hiding Other Important Aspects of Doing Business

Does my HVAC company need a license? The answer is definitely yes. But if you work with one without a license, it should make you wonder what else they’re hiding. It could be something very important, like they do not carry worker’s comp and insurance coverage. So always ask to see a copy of your HVAC contractor’s license and insurance requirements. 

If they are working uninsured and do something that causes your house to burn down, you may not be covered against loss. It can also put you at risk if a personal injury is sustained by their HVAC worker. You may be responsible for paying their medical bills if they are injured while doing work for you. 

So as a general note of caution, never let any workers on your property unless they are fully licensed and insured. And this goes from the HVAC company to the landscapers, and everyone in between!

Don’t Take Chances

The bottom line here is to never put yourself at risk. After you have asked the question “does my HVAC company need a license,” the answer is always “Yes!” All you need to do is simply ask your contractor to see their HVAC license before they start doing a job for you.

While you are at it, ask to see proof of worker’s comp and liability insurance too. Legit contractors will not feel put out by this and will be happy to provide you copies of these important documents. It will also give you peace of mind that your HVAC contractor is conscientious and responsible. 

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