Does My Freon Need to Be Replaced?

Does My Freon Need to Be Replaced OrlandoDoes my freon need to be replaced? This is one of the most common questions we get from our customers. Many people enjoy the benefits of having a central air conditioning system during the summer. Depending on where you live, you may even think of air conditioning as an absolute necessity during the hotter times of the year. There are times when people think their air condition system is not cooling their home as fast or as well as it should. Sometimes this is attributed to the freon in the system or more correctly the lack thereof it. This article will talk a little more about freon, how it works, and some common misconceptions about this important AC system additive.

Will Freon Go Bad?

Contrary to popular belief, freon does not have a shelf life. It will be there long after your AC system has decayed and corroded away. This only holds true though as long as your air conditioning tubing is sealed tight. Even the smallest leaks can cause substantial freon loss if not repaired. When freon is lost out of the contained AC system, you will notice a loss in performance if enough of it has escaped. So the answer to the question ‘does my freon ever need to be replaced’ is no with an asterisk by it.

Air conditioning systems never need their freon recharged either. That’s a term you hear a lot when it comes to automobile air conditioning systems. It can be very misleading. Once again, freon is either present in an air conditioning system and that AC is working or too much of the freon has been lost and more needs to be added to get that AC system working again. The problem that is causing the freon loss will need to be corrected before new freon refrigerant can be added. Leaks can be found by professionals that use very sophisticated leak finding equipment. Depending on where the leak is located, it may necessitate replacing an entire part on an AC system such as the coil or condenser unit.

You may also be wondering if an air conditioning system is a closed system, then how does a technician refill the system? Every manufacturer of air conditioning units builds a special port that is tapped into the tubing found throughout the AC system. A portable freon canister is then hooked up to this special port so the freon can be transferred from the canister into the air conditioning system.

Who to Call If You Need a Freon Change?

So is it time to change the freon for your AC? Get advice from the experts. If you think your freon may need to be recharged or your AC system has a freon leak, you may be wondering who to call to take care of that. The best type of company to call would be a professional HVAC service company. We have experienced service techs at Eggert Cooling and Heating and have access to the best tools and parts to make any repair with. This is definitely not a job that should be undertaken by anyone who is not a trained AC service technician. For expert AC maintenance services in Apopka, Ocoee, Clermont, and surrounding areas, contact us for an appointment! Call 407-252-3785 to get a free quote!