Do I Need to Do Maintenance on My AC?

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A lot of people keep their AC running most of the day, especially during the warmer months of the year. And you might have pondered, “Do I need to do maintenance on my AC?” If you live in Central Florida, or anywhere else, the answer is yes. It is warm here most of the year, so homeowners and business owners must ensure AC units are well-maintained.  

You certainly would not want to be without your AC during warmer months. Unfortunately, this can happen if you do not do periodic maintenance on your air conditioning system. So if you’re still asking yourself, do I need to do maintenance on my AC? Then the answer is a loud and clear yes!

Some people skip AC maintenance and take its importance for granted. They’re just too busy or they don’t want to spend money on maintenance. However, there are many reasons you should make sure your air conditioning systems are well maintained. You can extend the lifespan and efficiency of your AC with regular maintenance. When you call Eggert for AC service, we’ll be able to identify parts that need repair or replacement. This is a great way to prevent more expensive and irreversible damages down the road.

DIY AC Maintenance Steps

It’s understandable how some people would rather DIY AC maintenance. This is especially true if they have smaller AC systems in their household. It is a great way to save money, after all. However, if you should DIY the maintenance process, make sure you’re doing this with extra care to avoid damaging your system.

  • Clean the filters: This is a must-do step for anyone that owns an air conditioning system. Replacing or cleaning the filters on the system helps keep your AC running efficiently. It helps get the essential air that it needs to work properly. This has the additional benefit of keeping the air in your home cleaner too.
  • Keep Debris from Building Up Around Your Outside Unit: Your AC unit needs to be fed air from inside and outside the house for it to work properly. That’s why you never want leaves or debris accumulating near the top or sides of your exterior AC unit. You also don’t want to store objects there that will block the critical airflow to it either.
  • Drain Line Cleaning: This is one of the most overlooked steps when it comes to air conditioner maintenance. If your drain line is clogged your AC will have a hard time reducing the humidity in your home as it works.

Maintenance Steps Best Left to Professionals

Do I Need to Do Maintenance on My AC OrlandoIt’s great that you’re asking do I need to do maintenance on my AC! This means you already have an idea that this system needs some care and attention. Some worry about HVAC cleaning cost or maintenance costs and so they attempt to do everything on their own. The good news is that prices are actually fair and reasonable in most cases. Especially if you work with a reputable company like Eggert Cooling and Heating. While some steps can be done easily, there are certain maintenance procedures best done by licensed contractors. This includes the following:

Evaporator Coil and Compressor Cleaning: These are two very critical components of your central air conditioning system. Dust and other debris will collect on them over time and hurt your AC’s performance. Professionals have the tools and know-how to clean these important AC parts.

Fan Assembly Lubrication and Inspection: There is nothing noisier than a fan motor on your outside AC unit that is out of balance or not properly lubricated. This is an easy task for the professional techs at Eggert.

Check Ductwork for Leaks: Cool air escaping out of your ductwork or warm air being sucked in as it works are not your friend. AC ductwork should be checked periodically for leaks. The seal must be tight and strong.

Yearly AC Inspection: The absolute best way to keep your air conditioning unit working at peak performance is to have it inspected each year. That way you will know that it will be ready when you need it when the hot weather arrives. Additionally, these inspections catch small problems and get them resolved before they became bigger and more expensive problems. Do not overlook the value of getting your air conditioning unit inspected each year for the small amount of money it will cost.

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Yes, your AC system needs attention, care, and proper maintenance to prevent damages and issues. After all, who wants a broken AC in the middle of an extremely hot day? 

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