Closing Vent in Unused Rooms

Many people think closing vents in unused rooms is a good idea. And although this might seem reasonable and an efficient way to redirect your AC, the facts tell a different story. It actually has a number of adverse effects, to include higher utility bills.

Closing Vents Does Seem Smart, Right?

It’s easy to understand why closing vents in unused rooms make sense. If no one is using a room, why do you want valuable air conditioning flowing to this room? Wouldn’t it make more sense to sense that conditioned air to a place you actually need the cooling? It would seem that for the same workload, you can better direct your AC resources. This is a common, and sensible, reasoning that most people have.

How It Actually Affects Your AC

What many people do not understand, is that the design of your AC system for your home is actually very scientific. You have AC supply vents, as well as your return vents, strategically placed throughout your home to provide the most efficiency possible. The entire system is set up to efficiently and strategically control your pressure balance throughout your home. And when you alter this set up it adversely affects the entire system.

Unintended Consequence of Closing AC Vents

So what happens when you close your AC vents in unoccupied rooms? Well, there are a number of effects, and none of them are positive.

  • Higher Power Bills – As a result of closing your AC vents, the pressure will build up throughout your duct system. This increase in pressure impacts the efficiency of your system, resulting in an imbalance that means higher monthly power bills.
  • Return Vent Problems – When you close vents in a room, now the return vents are struggling to capture the air that should be there. This stifling effect can result in your return vents pulling unwanted air, like the air leaking through your home’s exterior.
  • AC Breaking Down – And finally, the resulting effect of these other problems can mean that your AC might go down entirely. This can be an expensive fix that is unnecessary and provides no positive effect.

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