Best Type of Thermostat

Best Type of Thermostat Apopka

One of the best tips to keep an HVAC system efficient is by having the right kind of thermostat for your home. So what is the best type of thermostat? Read on to find out some of our suggestions. 

As with most appliances found in the home these days, there have been many technological advances when it comes to HVAC temperature controls. Even though oftentimes the efficiency of existing HVAC systems can’t be improved, it is by adding smart controlled thermostats to them this can make even older HVAC systems much more energy efficient. 

That’s what makes smart thermostats the best type of thermostat to help improve your home HVAC’s efficiency. Many good ones are being made today but there are three that really stand out among the rest. Here is a little bit more about these amazing thermostats.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Most people consider Ecobee to be the company that got smart thermostats to become trendy even though they were second to Nest to start mass producing them. This thermostat is definitely the best type of thermostat you can buy for the money. It seems like Ecobee thought of everything when they designed this thermostat. The most unique feature that it has is the ability for it to be voice-controlled with Amazon’s Alexa. That makes it extremely simple to set and program. Some other nice features that it has are its included c-wire, dual-band Wi-Fi controls, remote room sensor, and it has several third-party applications that can be used with it.

Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat with Sensor

Not far behind in quality from the Ecobee model mentioned above is this beauty of a thermostat from Honeywell. It too has voice control options and more of them than any other smart thermostat. It can be voiced controlled by Alexa, Cortana, or Google activated voice commands. This thermostat uses a dual-band Wi-Fi system that is linked to several sensors found throughout the rooms in a home. It uses this information to provide uniform temperature distribution throughout a home. For those that don’t like to use voice commands, there is a really nice touchscreen built into this smart temperature controlling device too. 

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

This company has the designation of being the first mass-produced smart thermostat manufacturer. That jump on the competition has consistently kept them among the top smart thermostat builders in the industry. Whenever someone talks about the best type of thermostat for an HVAC system this company’s name will inevitably come up. Among the outstanding features on this thermostat include such things as geofencing energy saving support, a larger size readout, furnace monitoring, and the ability to communicate with several remote sensors. It can even help you monitor the last 10-days of energy usage on your smart device and it’s motion sensor energy savings ability. This smart thermostat can even be linked up with Ness home security devices such as indoor and outdoor cameras. 

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Of course, it still boils down to whether you are using the right type of thermostat for your current HVAC system. Even if you choose from these choices of the best type of thermostat, if it isn’t the right fit for your system, then it wouldn’t perform as you would expect it to. 

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