Best Filters for My AC

best filters for my ac orlandoOne of the most used appliances around any home is its HVAC system. This is especially true in climates where it’s hot year-round. That means you will have your AC cranked up both day and night. This type of use can make you feel comfortable but also has some drawbacks. The biggest of which is with all the air exchanging that takes place while your AC is running, tends to dirty up your air condition system filter very fast. That’s not the worst thing in the world because these filters are fairly easy to change but you may want to think twice about the type of air conditioning filters that you put in your system when you go to change them. So if you’re still wondering what are the best filters for my AC, hopefully these details can help! Here are some of the most common filters for AC:

HEPA Filter

This is the absolute best type of filter to use on any HVAC system. That’s because they filter out even the smallest of contaminants in the air that passes through them. This even includes 99.9% of all allergens that try to make there way through this type of filter. That makes them a great filter to use if you have allergy sufferers in your house. They will significantly upgrade the air quality in any home.


These are filters that do a great job of picking up even small particles because they are electrostatically charged. Think of the static cling on your clothes when you forget to use a dryer sheet. If dust is your biggest concern, then these will work great for you.


With pleated filters, it’s not so much about the particle size they filter but about how much surface area they have so they don’t have to be changed so often. They will last 3 to 5 times as long as simple fiberglass filters. Pleated filters do an adequate job of filtering out air contaminants.


These are those really inexpensive filters that people like to buy 5 at a time. That’s the best thing about them. The reason for that is they only do an adequate job of cleaning particulate matter out of the air that flows through them. Most HVAC professionals will tell you if you want to extend the life of your air conditioning and heating systems, you should avoid using these types of filters. They also don’t filter a small enough particle to cut down on allergens such as pet dander and dust.

Ask an AC Expert If You Need Help Selecting a Filter

Sometimes when you are trying to decide which type of filter you will put in your AC system it’s best to get some professional advice. That way you will get a filter that nicely meets your needs. The best professionals to call for help are your local heating and air companies. 

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