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AC Service Repair OrlandoEggert Cooling and Heating is your local leader for AC service and AC repairs in Apopka, Windermere, Maitland, Clermont, and the surrounding areas. We have decades of experience on our team of talented HVAC technicians. And our service and competitive rates make Eggert Cooling and Heating a leader in the market. We are a family-owned and operated local business, so our customer relationships are the hallmark of what we do.

So if you’re having trouble with your air conditioning unit not performing properly, or even not at all, we are your local pros! We are here to serve you with fast, reliable, and affordable AC service in Apopka, Clermont, Maitland, Windermere, Winter Park, Ocoee, and the surrounding areas.

Experienced AC Service Team

Hiring an HVAC professional to maintain your air conditioning unit should always be priority number one. Our professionals at Eggert Cooling and Heating will check over your entire AC system. 

Our diagnostic check or 20 Point AC Tune-up will get your unit in top working condition fast. And equally important, you’ll know exactly where your unit stands in terms of its operating performance. Most homeowners hope and wish their unit is in good shape! We’ll give you the peace of mind so you’ll know for sure.

Decades of HVAC Experience Working for You

We have the expertise and experience to properly service your air conditioning unit, and do it at an affordable cost. And we know which areas to maintain, clean, and repair also the right time to do so. Our technicians are tops in the industry, and they are certified experts in every aspect of air conditioning maintenance and repairs.

Our professional technicians have expert knowledge and can also answer all the questions that you might have. Some of these questions might include what is freon, and what type of AC you need for your property, and is my unit sized correctly. We have seen many units over the years that are just too large for the space they service, which means wasted dollars for homeowner. This is just one example how are knowledge and experience can help you, the homeowner.

HVAC technician Apopka

Emergency AC Repair in Apopka

If your air-conditioning unit goes down at an inopportune time, we are here to provide 24/7 emergency service for you as well! Our response time is among the best in the market. And if we commit to an appointment time, then you can be assured we will be there.

Does my HVAC company need a license? Of course! Especially when you have emergency repair needs, you’d rather get the service from licensed experts that can guarantee professional assistance.

Our AC Repair Service is Google Guaranteed

Eggert Cooling and Heating is a Google Local Services authorized AC company in Apopka, Florida. These companies are at the top of Google search under the headline, “Google Guaranteed.” 

This means that our company has passed a third party audit which includes the following criteria:

  • Active and Certified State of Florida License
  • Google Reviews Requirement
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Background Check

Flat-Rate Diagnostic and Upfront Pricing

We strive to provide you with honesty and integrity in all that we do. Our flat-rate diagnostic includes travel and troubleshooting so we can provide you with an accurate quote for your repair. We guarantee that you will know what the repair cost is without any surprises. And most importantly, we’ll go above and beyond to service your AC system to provide maximum benefit. We don’t just check the block to get the job done. We take a hands-on approach to make sure your system operates at peak performance and efficiency.

If your AC unit goes years without proper maintenance and upkeep, each year reduces the unit’s effectiveness by up to 15%. This is a seemingly small percentage, but it increases your utility bill as well as your AC maintenance bills. 

Filters OrlandoInvesting in proper AC maintenance might seem like an unwanted cost, but it is well worth the investment. You would not want to save on oil changes when operating a car over several years, right? 

Taking good care of your air conditioning unit is equally important. And if you neglect your unit over the years, then repair costs when it fails can be substantial. And an entirely new unit might be necessary also if you neglect your unit’s servicing.

Annual Maintenance Contracts for Performance and Longevity

If you look at a yearly maintenance contract, it is much less expensive to have your unit regularly maintained versus ignoring it until a major problem happens. With a poorly maintained unit, you have to factor in the higher utility bills also. And these can also be substantial given the always increasing energy bill.

The majority of families spend the larger part of their utility costs on their air conditioner expenses. With the unbearable Florida heat, this costly necessity can be reduced with our professional help. 

Our professionals are trained to catch problems before they turn into major costly issues. This is the reason that many landlords on commercial leases require a quarterly maintenance contract. As building owners know that this type of service schedule is the best way to maintain a unit and improve its longevity and performance.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Repair Service Appointment

Your AC unit will last years longer if it is properly cared for and maintained. And the reverse is true also, that if you neglect your unit it will simply not last as long. 

There is a huge financial impact based on the homeowner’s level of interest and involvement. So take the extra time to make sure your unit is properly maintained, and that you have true professionals on your team.

Eggert Cooling and Healing will take care of your largest or smallest repair. We service Apopka, Clermont, Sanford, Ocoee, Maitland, Windermere, Winter Garden, and nearby areas with industry-leading performance and service.

Our professionals will help take care of your AC concerns with honest and fair assessments about your unit. For a fast, economical, and reliable service, give us a call today or schedule your appointment online at your convenience. Please contact us at 407-890-1505 for a free estimate!

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