AC Replacement: When is the Right Time?

Orlando AC ReplacementBoth commercial and residential air-conditioners cost a lot of money. The unit itself, installation, and maintenance costs can be very expensive. If you live in your home for so many years now and you’re thinking of AC replacement, these costs might make you think more than twice. However, an efficient and functional AC is a necessity – not just a piece of luxury appliance. Especially during very warm months in Florida, it can get very uncomfortable.

An air conditioning unit costs around a few to several thousands of dollars. As mentioned, more costs are added with every new unit such as installation fees. On top of these, an AC will consume a lot of energy, which will, of course, be added on to your power bill. Buying a new AC unit is not an easy decision to make especially if budget is an issue. However, it is an investment worth every penny since it offers comfort and convenience.

So when is the right time for an AC replacement? Even with proper care and maintenance, some AC units simply get old over time. You can have them repaired or serviced every so often but the costs of these repairs plus parts replacement can get high through the years. Especially if you have an older AC model with parts that are harder to find, you may have to spend more on repairs. When repairs become more frequent and costly, then it is definitely time for a replacement.

In addition, AC brands continue to innovate and introduce new features such as indoor air quality improvement, fewer maintenance requirements, and energy-saving features, which certainly make AC replacement a good choice to make.

When in doubt whether it’s time for an AC replacement or not, seek the assistance of experts. At Eggert Cooling and Heating, not only do we offer AC service and maintenance, but we can also help you with new AC installation for your home or place of business. We are available in Orlando, Ocoee, Windermere, Apopka, Clermont, and surrounding areas. Call us at 407-252-3785 to set an appointment and to get a free quote.