AC Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

AC Repair Tips ApopkaWe would be the first ones to tell you that it is always best to call an HVAC technician when you believe there’s a problem with your air-conditioner. However, we will be sharing with you some AC repair tips today that can help you do initial troubleshooting. It is understandable that some air conditioner repairs can be quite expensive, that’s why it is best to learn the basics to save you from making that call in case you’re dealing with a very minor problem, after all.

Again, please be reminded that if you will be doing any of these troubleshooting steps or some DIY repairs on your air-conditioner, make sure that you are doing so with caution. Improper handling may void the warranty of your AC unit if it is still in place.

AC Repair Tips for Homeowners

Of course, these tips are used in a case-to-case basis. Some AC problems need immediate attention from a licensed technician. For instance, noisy air-conditioners or AC’s that simply won’t turn on are better off checked by a pro.

Now, let’s dive into some tips that you might find helpful.

Check Your Thermostat

When your AC is too cold or too warm all the time, make sure you check your thermostat settings first. Some homeowners are so used to having the same settings on the thermostat all the time. They won’t bother checking anymore if these settings of if the temperature levels were changed, hence the freezing or extremely warm temperature indoors.

If the thermostat is not working half of the time or at all, you can also check on your thermostat’s batteries – if it is battery-operated.

Examine Your Home’s Breaker

Sometimes, an AC that won’t turn on is a result of a tripped breaker. If there are more than a few electrical appliances on one breaker, then it may cause the breaker to trip. The AC won’t turn on in this case.

Change the AC Filter

Dirty and clogged air-conditioner filters can result in issues, too. In some cases, AC filters are easily replaceable. If this is your first time to replace an AC filter, contact your local HVAC pro, ask for assistance, and observe how he or she does it. If it’s something you feel you can do on your own in the future, make sure you change your AC filter regularly.

Make Sure the AC System and Air Ducts Are Clean

Both the indoor and outdoor units of your air-conditioner should be cleaned regularly. You can also check if the ducts are already very dirty, which could block the air flow.

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Hopefully, the above AC repair tips gave you some ideas when you encounter issues with your air-conditioner in the future. But remember, if you are not confident with such DIY repairs, always call a trusted technician for assistance. This is to save you from possible irreversible and even more expensive AC damage.

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